Saturday, March 24, 2012


Here's a great video from CHA . Tim Holtz shows us how to use the new 
"Embossing Diffusers" and how the "Gauge Keys" work with his Vagabond.

He also provides those of us who currently own the Vagabond....the opportunity to get these gauge avoid us jamming the rollers from using too thick a sandwich. I have been using cereal boxes cut out to achieve the same effect as the embossing diffusers. The keys will be great to prevent the machine from a premature death!!!!
Here's the link to the promotion:

As  a devoted Vagabond user, I have taken the challenge and want to show you Where in the World is My Vagabond. . .see "she" is right by my head...LOL

(This just my profile with my friend on my messy scrapdesk!)

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