Monday, March 12, 2012

Favorites recipe sites listed

Here's a great site to look for great recipes . I love my Expression cake (...mind you-I do not use it as often as I'd like.....) One trick is to chill any cuts-either with fondant, cookie dough, pie dough, chocolate melt....then remove from the cricut cake mat.

Here's another site that shows you "how to" along with recipes:

I love making "cake pops" to eat to...Simple but pleasurable!!!
*photo from  bakerella site

The easiest recipe is follow any cake recipe instruction...or use a cake mix ... follow directions on package.
Once the cake is baked, let cool, then crumb completly. Have love doing this part! It will look like dirt....LOL...yummy...
MIx 1 1/2 cup of prepared icing or a package of bought icing(Like Betty Crocker)...Chill and then shape into whatever shape...Decorate!
You can melt chocolate or other candy waffers.....add just enough "vegy oil" to get candy melts liquidy.
Stick the shape onto a candy/sucker stick.. Dip into melted candy chocolate.
Add other candy pieces for decoration...
Chill ...
***LOL,,Cheaper than Starbucks!

Here's a great site for ideas:

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