Monday, March 12, 2012

Air Compressor ....other uses

In February, I  picked up an 1/3 HP 2 gallon air compressor by Mastercraft /Canadian Tire brand to use with my copics..(*I have posted this on the Cricut forum as well.)...I had to buy a few small adapters from Home Depot(Canadian store price listed below) .... It works great....I must say it is so much fun...
I had bought the copic adaptor kit for $50.00 at copics...the aerosol can of air lasted all but 10 minutes.You still need the aerosol can adaptor.. 
Drum roll for the price for the compressor...   $24.99(reg $99.99)  I added the 2 extra pieces of connectors to make it work.(a hex nut for $0.87...and  1/4" industrial qc plug F.for $3.49...I have  included photos of the unit as well. :*simply click on photo to enlarge

The tubing connector that came in the kit I had (ABS 1) to the copic air can adapter is not used.....It was too small so that's why I got the two pieces from Home Depot to make it work ....LOVE IT! * It is only noisy when first start then once the tank is full-then it is quiet!!!!

***You can adapt it to use Stamping Up markers as well as Tombow markers by inserting reusable adhesive tac(used to hang temporary posters/replaces tape...simply play keep the tip in place) for making incredible skies, sand, grass effects..similarly with air paint but without the fuss or necesary skills as everyone knows there is quite a learning curve to use of air pen...I'll post images of projects later... Works like a charm.
***Thanks to Croatian Crafter as she  has shown you can also use it for sand blasting glass using a sandblasting gun($13.00) filled with Aluminium Oxide sand(from Auto Princess for $8.00)..

 (another form of glass etching, without use of the etching cream).This is hazardous so ..Please check out her site for more details.

***Air compressors can save you tons of money if you enjoy the "air y" effects to markers. Cans of air can cost from $16.00 for 5-10 minutes of use. The sandblaster and sand alone is the price for etching cream, as small jar is $16.00 for a few ounces.!Try it out.... Do watch out for a great sale at your neighbourhood hardware store as the "crafty" compressors can cost $200.00 to $599.00 or more! LOLWub

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