Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love my Vagabond.

I got my Vagabond last April...LOVE. LOVE LOVE  HER!!!
I know Tim Holtz will not like he thinks of "it" as a "boy"...
I have been using only the Sizzix brand dies and embossing folders and Cuttlebug embossing folders in her as I heard many vagabonds have died...gulp!
So I have been using my trusted  little Cuttlebug by Provocraft or my Bigkick for sandwiches that are sometimes "tight" or "if-fy" LOL.
I have my Cricuts but these are used for mostly cutting fonts and images...whereas I use these other die cutting machines exclusively for embossing.
I do use Spellbinder dies(these can cut and then emboss and use as a stencil) in my cuttlebug and am afraid to use them in my vagabond for now...... (I heard some have wrecked the motor when the sandwich used jambed the rollers.......)
 Here is my baby when I first got "her" :
Isn't she cute. It came with stickers like the olden days....places you've been to.....This baby is electronic so you just press a more cranking..... and very  compact( into a cute little case when closed). I do not have much room so it is nice.....Plus it saves my poor wrist  from using the crank on the other machines.
Only one year warranty?????

Embossing/Die Cutting Steel Roller MACHINE TIPS:(Sandwich recipes)

* I get better embossing by using the 2 mats/silicone in my well as use of C plate.... than using the sandwich in the Vagabond. I would like to get a better emboss with the nesties....but I am afraid to jam my Vagabond....

* I think like the Cuttlebug and Big Shot/Big Kick.... Vagabond might differ in space as with the different dies/embossing folders and plates inside the machine.So please be sure to ERR ON THE THIN SIDE...hopefully with the new gauge keys...this will stop the guess work!

*To get more mileage out of the acrylic plates in any of the machines:
1- I label my cutting plates CUT and EMBOSS so that when I'm using them I only cut on one pad at a time(especially when using Spellbinders /Nestabilities) .

2- I rotate my plates/flip them as well , again to extend their life....If only embossing...they still tend to shape like a hockey stick if you keep using without rotating them...LOL.
The pads/plates, and crease pad are consumable and will eventually need replacing).

*It is normal for your acrylic plates to get marks on them when cutting. The Premium Crease pad and silicone pad are also a consumable item. You will get marks on them from use and eventually will have to replace them. Watch out for the 40% sale at Micheals(or use coupons).

*Also "creaks" and "pops" are normal sounds as well and just let you know that the material is being cut. Very scary at first....You will get use to the noise with the Cuttlebug...but scary with the Vagabond....

Other areas for great Tips:

* Here's the link for the pdf for the Vagabond:

*If you do not own the vagabond..just the's a link for sandwiches from Splitcoaststampers forum :

*You can also see the first page and post #1 for various tips for use of Big Shot/Big Kick that are similar to those for Vagabond:

*Here is what Tim Holtz suggests for using cutting and embossing of Nestabilities in the Vagabond.(from post

Using the tan Spellbinder's pads is a different thickness for their machine(Wizard) and not the Sizzix.  The Spellbinder dies are a two step process. You have to cut once and then run it through the machine again to emboss the dies. This is no different with the Vagabond; it is simply easier to operate.
So... you need to create the following sandwich (from the bottom up) to cut:
Solo Platform and Shim
Extended Adapter
Clear Cutting Pad
Thin Die (facing up)
Clear Cutting Pad

In order to emboss, you need to create the following sandwich:
Solo Platform and Shim
Impressions Pad (Included with the Texturz Starter Set or sold separately on Item Number 655120)
Thin Die (facing up with paper cut out left in it)
Silicone Rubber (Included in the Texturz Starter Set or sold separately on Item Number 655121)
Clear Cutting Pad


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  1. Congratulations on your new toy! Good tools make all the difference don't they!